Polkacover Protocol

Less than 1% of all DeFi, Crypto & NFT assets are adequately insured…

We are here to change that…

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Being built on Polkadot

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The First DeFi insurance marketplace for the global crypto ecosystem

Insurance Protection is an integral part of every financial transaction, and the right to access insurance should be equally easy.

We want to give the power back to the people by lowering the transactional and administrative costs of Insurance policies and coverages while providing high value with cost-effective insurance products for the crypto world.

Polkacover will provide global access to purchase insurance products quickly & easily to its users.

Our Ecosystem Partners

  • client5
  • Ferrum Network
  • Hacken
  • Phantasma
  • PolkaStarter1

A Little Bit about Our Platform

We are building the best insurtech platform for the masses

  • Phase 1.
    Global CryptoProtect Products by Polkacover
    Crypto Insurance Products for over 40 cryptocurrencies (and growing!) insured by a leading multinational insurance company

    Read Page 17 of our whitepaper here to get a taste of what's baking in our oven.
  • Phase 2.
    Global Insurance Marketplace (covercompared.com)
    covercompared.com will be the one-stop-shop to buy, compare & purchase from several insurance providers using crypto.

    This will be the first insurance marketplace where you can purchase crypto insurance products from anywhere in the world.

    You can purchase them through our website or our mobile app !
  • Phase 3.
    P2P Insurance (Insurance DAO)
    A community-driven crypto insurance protocol that decides the pricing, risks, claims assessment and rewards of the products.

    Be rewarded with the claims-free bonus when no insurance claims are reported during the policy period.
  • Phase 4.
    Polkacover Claim It!
    Autonomous claims processing platform based on AI and machine learning which acts-as a third-party claims management platform for insurance companies.

    Polkacover will change the way to process claims by making it easy for the insurance companies and making payouts pain-free for their customers.

So What does Polkacover Network Provide

Compare & Buy Insurance
Making Insurance Accessible to All
Lowered Insurance Pricing by Removing Middleman
Cross Border Payment Solution
Fast,Transparent & Painless Claims Management
Secure & Fraud Proof Platform

About the Polkacover Token

One Coin. 2 marketplaces. 11 use cases

  • Cross Border Policy Issuance
    Users have access to global insurance policy coverage. The Polkacover token will be easily accessible for purchase on the platform and through leading exchanges globally.
  • Traditional & Decentralized Insurance Products
    Users will solely need to use the Polkacover token to be able to purchase any traditional insurer-backed or DAO governed crypto insurance products. It would be a one stop shop to get access to all crypto based insurance products globally.
  • Insurance Policy Purchase & Discounts
    Users can buy policies using the Polkacover token. All transactions with the Polkacover token receive a significant discount on their policy.
  • Global Claims Payout
    Redeem your claim through the CVR token for your favorite cryptocurrencies.
  • Staking = Cheaper Policies
    On site staking services & loyalty bonuses will be rewarded with reduced insurance costs. Stake a high enough number of CVR tokens and your interest might just pay off your insurance premium, thus getting you insured for free!
  • P2P Risk Assessment & Governance Rewards
    Additional member tokens are allocated as an incentive for participating in risk assessment & Governance
The Polkacover Token will be used throughout the platform for various activities. To get a full view of the activities, Take a look at our whitepaper here.
  • Staking
  • Crypto Insurance
  • Policy Purchase
  • Governance Incentives
  • Loyalty Schemes
  • Claims Management
  • Policy Discounts
  • Global Claims Payouts

We are the first to address an unserved one billion dollar opportunity

I like what I see, but what do you do differently ?

We, at Polkacover, are working hard to make sure we are creating the best futureproof insurance platform for global markets

The Road Ahead

System Development
Q1 2020
Team Formation Product Formation Blockchain Selection
Q2 2020
Insurance Marketplace - Demo
Crypto Product Creation with Multinational Insurer
Q3 2020
Insurance Marketplace - Backend development
Q4 2020
Crypto Product Approval from Insurance Partner
Q1 2021
Crypto Insurance Marketplace - Testnet
Staking Portal.
Q2 2021
Crypto Insurance Marketplace - Mainnet
Crypto Insurance Marketplace - Go Live
P2P Product Creation with Multinational Insurers
Q3 2021
P2P Product Approvals with Multinational Insurers
P2P Platform Development Commences
Q4 2021
P2P Platform (Testnet )
Autonomous Claim Platform Planning Commences

Our Core Team

Kunal Sadani Founder, CEO
Heading Partnerships, Product & Market Development
Worked in a senior leadership role within an insurtech startup (Valued at over $1 billion). 10+ years working in insurance product development with multinational insurers
Previous Employers :
Anthony Thomas Co-Founder, CIO
Heading Operations, Systems, & Process Setups
10 years of operational management experience across various service verticals Set up 3 operational service centres simultaneously from scratch comprising over 2000+ staff Created several regional backend system platforms & projects for multinational insurance providers
Previous Employers:

Our Tech Team

Meher AkshayBlockchain Lead
Core Skills - Substrate, Solidity, Rust, Zilliqa. Previously worked on creating banking Dapps for the largest bank in Dubai
Previous Employers :
Babu PooliyathilTech Lead
Core Skills - Substrate HyperLedger, Node.js, Solidity. Previously worked on creating Blockchain-based insurance products on Ethereum
Previous Employers :
Cassal MichaelUI/UX Designer
Rajinder "Raj" PancholiaFull Stack Developer
Core Skills - Python, PHP, C/C++, ASP.NET, Java, MySQL, JSON, and XML
Ayswarya RajeevanSEO Specialist / Community Manager
Julia WongMarketing Support
Leading blockchain tech development company in UAETech Development

Our Advisors

Jaskanwar “Jas” Singh
CTO @ Sehteq Healthcare

Technology Advisor

Strategic Advisor